Delivery King

Delivery King 7.3

In this game you have to race in town, delivering orders to eager customers
3.8  (5 votes)
7.3.19 (See all)

Delivery King is a very exciting game full of fun and entertainment. The game consists of 60 levels, 2 bonus games and unlimited game time.
The game starts with a short story of a man that needs to start working in order to earn money. He has the idea to start working in a delivery service, and that is when the game starts.
The player has to manage to deliver the products to the correct orders. The player has to deliver pizzas, donuts, French fires and drinks. On the screen you will find an item that indicates the cash you are earning, the orders left and the needed money. At the end of each level the player will see the daily report on the screen showing the total receipts and the total score.
If you have a chance to win a bonus you will have to manage to click the UFOS that will appear on your screen in order to get extra money. You will find also the possibility of buying a truck with the earned money, to deliver faster your orders. A game full of surprises and with excellent graphics.

Review summary


  • Great graphics
  • Very entertaining
  • Easy to play


  • Not for all ages
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